Department of Medical Imaging Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Medical Imaging Sciences

This is the department that produces the bulk of Medical Imaging Technologists for the country. We are focused on helping the Government achieve its strategic objective of providing quality and affordable healthcare for all by producing competent imaging technologists who can compete with international graduates.

The department exists to produce through education and training, highly competent medical imaging technologists capable of performing all imaging and therapeutic procedures in response to the needs of the community and other stakeholders within the country and beyond.

Medical imaging sciences and KMTC graduates are in demand globally; over 50 have been employed in Europe, Australia and USA and other African countries in the last five years.

In Kenya majority of the graduates get employment in all health and relevant industrial and Veterinary sectors after graduation. Some universities accept our diploma graduates for a 12 months Bachelor of Technology Degree conversion program in Universities within and outside Kenya.


Alfonce Nyalla

Head of Department

Level of Training 
Academic Programme
Course Duration
Campus where course is offered
Entry Requir  ements
Diploma Diploma in Medical Imaging


3 years -Nairobi,


– Eldoret


– Mombsasa,






• C in English or Kiswahili and Physics/Physical

Science and Biology/Biological Sciences

• C- in any one of the following: – Mathematics

or Chemistry


Higher diploma Higher diploma in Medical Imaging





1 year

-Nairobi -Full





-Diploma in Medical

Imaging Sciences or

its equivalent



Higher diploma in Radiography (Therapy) 18 months -Nairobi (Full time

and part time)


-Diploma /Certificate

in Radiotherapy or

equivalent. Diploma

in Radiography/MIS