Isiolo Deputy Governor in calls for stronger ties with KMTC

Isiolo Deputy Governor in calls for stronger ties with KMTC

Isiolo Deputy Governor Dr. Abdi Ibrahim Isaa on held discussions with KMTC Board Chairman Dr. Eng. David Muthoga and CEO Peter Tum.

The discussions focused on ways of strengthening collaboration to develop KMTC Isiolo campus.

Dr. Muthoga urged the Isiolo County Government to develop the campus using the Kshs 270 million equalization fund from the national Government so it can serve the people of Isiolo better. The Chairman noted that Isiolo campus, started in 2015, lacks some infrastructure.

“A county cannot be run successfully without nurses and other health professionals critical to the well being of its people,” the Chairman said.

“It is easier to retain people who understand the terrain and local challenges than those from elsewhere,” he added.

Dr. Issa said the County Government would support KMTC in developing the college.  “We are changing the style of administration at Isiolo Level IV Hospital to make it more efficient,” he added.

KMTC Director Peter Tum assured the Governor that once infrastructure is put in place, the campus can start admitting students for other courses in September 2018. Currently, the campus offers diploma in health records and information only.

Board members Mrs. Grace Thitai and Mr. Duncan Mwangi said support from the County Government would lead to exponential growth for the campus. With necessary support, they added, the campus could start new courses and even become a center of excellence in the courses.

Others present during the meeting were KMTC Registrar Dr. Lucy Waweru, Head of Intergovernmental Relations Ms. Leah Bii and Corporate Communications Manager Kamau Maina.