Lugari Campus


KMTC Lugari Campus was established through a community initiative was conceived in 2014. With the support and leadership of the area MP, Hon Savula, the community held several meetings and planned to buy land and construct classes, offices, skills lab and library for the college.

Construction of a classroom, offices and a library within the Mautuma Sub-County Hospital was then funded by the Lugari Constituency Development Fund.

The community led by Hon. Savula MP approached the county authority to allow them to have the campus established at the former District Commissioner’s Headquarters in the area as other arrangements for a permanent space for Lugari Campus were being made.

This was consented to and so Lugari Campus has the two sites: Hospital and former DC’s HQs. The hospital plot is about three quarters of an acre and the former DC’s facility is standing on 5 acres of land.

With the above ground work in place the community then negotiated with KMTC, who made a visit to the campus and agreed with the community to start a medical training college.

KMTC posted a principal who prepared and received the first group of students in October 2016.


Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Health Promotion
  • Certificate in Health Records and Information


Available infrastructure at the two sites includes:

  1. Offices for all staff,
  2. one classroom,
  3. skills lab
  4. A computers lab, fully equipped and with a capacity of 50 students per sitting

5.  Pit latrines

Contact Information

KMTC Lugari Campus

P.O. Box 156 – 30106,