Murang'a Campus


Brief History

The college started in the 1950s as a training center for enrolled midwives.

In the 1960s the college started training enrolled nurses and the two programs continued until 1977, when they were replaced by Enrolled community health nursing course.

The course continued up to the year 2005 and was replaced by pre-service Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) a Diploma course in nursing which is running to date.


KMTC Murang’a is located in Murang’a town approximately 1 KM from Murang’a town center. It is on a 6 acre piece of land next to Murang’a district hospital along the mortuary road off the hospital road.

KMTC Murang’a Administrative Structure


Current Number of Students
Diploma in Kenya Registered community nurses KRCHN = 350 students
Kenya Registered nursing/Mental Health and Psychiatry=111 students
Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nurse KECN = 48 students
Distance learning in-service KECN to KRCHN course = 58 students
Clinical Medicine total number of students CM = 182
Diploma in Health Records and Information HRI = 319
Cert in Health Records and Information HRI =283

Total student population = 1351

Courses Offered in the Campus

  • In September 2003 the department of Health records and Information technology certificate course started.
  • In the year 2005 the department of clinical medicine and surgery was started.
  • In September 2006 Distance learning in-service course was started.
  • In September 2013 Kenya Registered Nursing /Mental Health was started.

Mode of Learning

Full time Learning
Distance Learning

Future Plans

There are plans to start pharmacy and nutrition.
There are also plans to build more classes, structural drawings and bills of quantities have been done by department of Public Works Murang’a County. The same has been forwarded to CDF office to request for funds.


Campus Facilities

The campus has:

  • Hostels that can accommodate 202 male and -384 female students
  • A Library with a sitting capacity of 136 Students and a computer room with a capacity of 70
  • 3 Lecture halls that accommodate between 60 – 100 students
  • 12 Classrooms and 2 are under construction by CDF.
  • A Skills lab that accommodates 25 students


Clubs & Sports
Active clubs are:
Christian unions
Catholic action
Muslim group

Housing and Dining
At KMTC Murang’a, we have hostels that can accommodate 202 male and -384 female students.

Meals are served in the college’s dinning hall. We have nutritious and highly affordable meals ranging from porridge, vegetables to fruits. Different meals that are not on the menu can be prepared upon request by the students.

Areas of Clinical Experience
The students are sent to all the 42 counties for experience in specialized skills; however the areas for clinical experience within Murang’a County are:

  • Murang’a hospital
  • Maragua hospital
  • Muriranjas hospital
  • Kigumo health center
  • Kirogo Health center
  • Makuyu health center

Contact Information

KMTC Murang’a Campus

P.O. Box 888-1020,


Tel: 06030243

Email: murang’