Nakuru Campus



KMTC Nakuru campus opened its doors to the first group of Medical Assistance students in 1973, on transfer from Machakos. They were later registered as Clinical Officers. The campus was officially commissioned by the first president of Kenya, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 3rd March 1973.

The campus is situated along Crescent Road, Milimani estate, about one and half (1 ½) kilometres North of Nakuru town in Nakuru County. KMTC Nakuru is constructed on 52.6 acres piece of land which is shared with Nakuru County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Courses Offered

The campus offers the following courses:

Diplomas in:

  1. Clinical Medicine
  2. Nursing
  3. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  4. Environmental Health Science
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Nutrition and Dietetics
  7. Physiotherapy
  8. Health Records and Information Technology

Higher National Diplomas in:

  1. Clinical Medicine – Anaesthesia
  2. Nephrology Nursing.

Mode of learning

Teaching and learning take place on full time basis from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Practical Site

Nakuru Teaching and Referral County Hospital is the primary clinical site used by students for their practical skills.


Transport systems
The college has a 51 and 18 seater buses to transport staff and students.
Library services and computer lab
The library has a capacity of three hundred (300) students with a wide range of textbooks and other materials for reference. This is supplemented by a well-equipped computer lab with internet connectivity that enables students and lecturers to access additional information.

Skills lab
Practical demonstration of skills for nursing and clinical medical students is acquired from campus skills lab. The Skillslab is well equipped and spacious.

Medical Laboratory and Pharmacy Laboratory
Practical skills for medical laboratory and Pharmacy students are acquired from department’s laboratories.  Medical Laboratory is well equipped. Pharmacy laboratory is equipped with basic apparatus. Plans are underway to construct more pharmacy laboratories.

College clinic
The campus has a clinic that is strategically placed, manned by competent staff, stocked with drugs for treatment of minor ailment for students and members of staff.
Classrooms and staff offices
Currently, the campus has enough classrooms for all the departments. There are additional classrooms inside the hospital (Rift valley teaching and referral hospital) that are used by two departments – Physiotherapy and Health Records and Information.

There are staff offices for lecturers. Plans are underway to come up with more offices.

Students’ hostel and staff quarters
The college has four hostel blocks for male students with a bed capacity of five hundred and seven (507)  and six (6)  female hostel blocks with a bed capacity of four hundred and eighty four (484). We have seventy (69) staff houses within the college and are fully occupied.


The College has the following clubs;

  1. Christian Union (CU)
  2. Young Christian society (YCS)
  3. Muslim
  4. Youth Friendly
  5. Conscious youth
  6. Seven day Adventist (SDA)
  7. Karate

The sports include;

  1.  Football – men
  2.  Volleyball – men and ladies
  3.  Netball ladies
  4.   Indoor games
  5.  Athletics

Contact Information

KMTC Nakuru Campus
P.O. Box 110-20100

Tel: 0715905209