New students inducted into KMTC way of life

New students inducted into KMTC way of life


New students inducted into KMTC way of life


More than 8000 new students will this week be inducted into KMTC way of life in campuses across the country.

The orientation programme, which is held annually for all new students, is aimed at introducing the freshly recruited students to life at KMTC.

In Nairobi, the five-day induction program, which KMTC Nairobi Principal Mr. Mathew Kipturgo officially opened today, kicked off on 18th and will end on 22nd September.

The new students are taken through a variety of topics critical to making them comfortable in their life at KMTC. They include KMTC core values, mission, vision, organizational structure, KMTC image, improving relationships, stress and stress management and communication. Other topics are disaster and terrorism management, drug abuse, service charter and rules and regulations. “You are here to do real business. Choose your friends wisely so that they can help you reach your goal” said Mr Kipturgo as he welcomed the new students.

Mr. Kipturgo said the college was happy to receive the youthful students.

“Be responsible and attend lectures,” he advised them, warning that the   online system would monitor the number of hours a student attends lectures. “Those who don’t attend lectures will be punished,” he said.




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