Open up to the global market, Australian Senator urges KMTC

Open up to the global market, Australian Senator urges KMTC

Australia is in dire need of medical professionals that KMTC trains, especially care for the aged, Australian Senator Hon. Lucy Gichuchi has said.

A big gap in care for the aged exists in Australia, she said, which KMTC can fill.

Addressing the Board, management, staff and students at KMTC today, the Senator of Kenyan origin said Kenya produces skilled health workers that are marketable worldwide.
She urged the youthful students “not to lock yourselves in one geographical location but venture out there and grab opportunities available.” She advised those wishing to migrate to Australia to follow legal procedures.

She urged students to work hard while in school and not to waste chances that come their way: “There are many Kenyans working in Australia in the nursing field, and of course you can join them.”

Reminding students that “the medical profession is a higher calling since you are trusted with people’s lives,” she urged them to study as though they are doing so for the global market.

Board Chairman Eng. David Muthoga said the College is keen on exposing the students to all cultures, and that is why it had invited the Senator to discuss possibilities of collaboration with Australia.

It is a seed we have sown and therefore we need to develop it, said Eng. Muthoga about the proposed partnership between KMTC and Australia.

“The College would match KMTC curricular with that from Australia to make it easier for students to adapt to the working environment,” said KMTC CEO Eng. Peter Tum. Some KMTC lecturers had been trained in Australian universities in a past collaboration, he added.