Webuye Medical Training College is one of the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) constituent campuses. The need for a medical training college in Bungoma had been postulated for long by the leaders but became actualized by the former Member of Parliament for Webuye Hon Musikari Kombo, in collaboration with the Local Community and the Kenya Medical training College headquarters facilitated by Kakamega MTC.


It was started as an initiative of the community and heavily supported by the CDF Webuye. The local CDF is credited for having funded the construction of all lecture halls and the dining hall. A part from Webuye constituency, other development partners include the neighboring Kimilili constituency. The computer Lab was partially funded by Kimilili CDF. Bungoma county Council and Webuye Municipality have also given financial support using the LATF.


KMTC Webuye was officially authorized to operate as a training Institution by the KMTC board of management in October 2005. The pioneer group comprising of 82 clinical medicine students were admitted in October 2005. In March 2007 the department of nursing was introduced and 37 students were admitted. It was gazetted by the then Minister of health Hon. Charity Ngilu in 2007. The latest department, health records information was started in 2013 with over 50 students at certificate level. So far it has had four classes that have qualified.


From inception, the campus admits a class for clinical medicine every year in September, for nursing and HRI, the departments admit two classes in March and September every year.

Over the years, the student’s population has continued to grow. As the demand for learning opportunities keeps increasing, it is expected that the student and department numbers will continue to increase. Various facilities are being established to cater for the increasing numbers.




The campus is situated in Webuye town, Webuye East, Bungoma County. The campus is located at the southern end of Chetambe Hill, off Webuye-Kitale Highway; opposite Pan Paper guest house.

Administrative structure

Webuye constituent college is headed by a principal with two deputy principals; one deputy principal finance and administration and one deputy principal academics and students’ affairs. There is an administrator who coordinates administrative activities in the campus. Each department is headed by a HoD and a deputy HoD. The academic department has examination officer with an overall college examination officer. In line with ISO 9001:2008, the college has a campus management representative and a deputy as well as departmental representative. The college management has put in place various committee as per the college requirements which facilitated coordination of the management needs. The committees are headed by different officers appointed by the Principal. These committees have their own schedule of events and report to the college management committee namely:

  • Finance
  • Tender committee
  • Evaluation Committee
  • Library
  • Staff welfare
  • Anti-corruption
  • Sports
  • Training
  • Disciplinary
  • M.S – Quality Management System among others
  • Student welfare

To enhance student involvement, there is a student’s representative council that also has several committees as per the constitution.

Other departments

The campus has other functional departments that support learning in the campus that include

  • Well-equipped library that serves the students and staffs. Other departments include:-
  • ICT that compliments the library by the digital books in the computer lab, enhanced by access to internet
  • Skills lab
  • Accounts
  • Housing keeping/catering
  • Procurement
  • Stores
  • Transport
  • Security




Courses Offered

  1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

It was the pioneer department in 2005 October, and since then more than nine classes, more than six hundred students, have graduated from the campus with diploma in clinical medicine and surgery.

  1. Diploma in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing

It was the second department in the campus with a first class in March 2007. In 2007 and 2008, the department admitted only one class in March. By 2009 it started having two classes in March and September each year.  The first class qualified in 2010, more than fourteen classes have so far graduated from Webuye campus. The department introduced an upgrading KECHN to KRCHN in 2010.

  1. Certificate in Health records and information

The department of Health Records and Information began in 2013 to meet the expanding needs for training by the community and as a campus, the management, in consultation with the board identified certificate in records as an area that will harness students. The first class had only one intake but currently, the department admits a class in March and September each year. So far four classes have qualified from Webuye campus.


Skills Lab

Well equipped skills lab where students gain practical skills using mannequins before they venture into the clinical sites

Computer Lab

The computer lab is equipped with computers that are connected to the internet which students use to study and search for more information that pertains to their studies from the web

Lecture halls

The lecture halls are spacious enough, mounted with white boards for use during lectures with LCD projectors.


The dining hall which is also used as a meeting hall has a capacity of more than five hundred persons. It has entertainment facilities for students after classes. There is DSTV which that is loaded as required to assure students of access to their favorite programs


The campus is able to house a limited number of only one hundred and twenty students, while the rest are accommodated by private hostel owners within acceptable radius of the campus. In its five year strategy plan 2017, in liaison with the CDF and other well-wishers, campus seek funding to build a hostel that will enhance accommodation of students within the compound


It’s one of the activities which the students look forward to. The campus has actively participated in all the college games with exemplary performance. The campus has hosted Zonal games severally. It boasts of strong volley ball, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, net ball and volley ball teams.

Training hospital

The students undertake clinical placements at Webuye County hospital which is situated about 750metres away and Bungoma county referral hospitals respectively. There are some special clinical placements which are undertaken in the following health facilities that were approved by the professional regulatory bodies: Mbale, Mosoriot, Sirisia,Cheptais,Naitiri,Bokoli,Kabuchai and Makunga. The students go to Nakuru PGH, Kakamega PGH and Kisumu PGH for Psychiatry experience. While HRI students go for practical in various recommended hospitals/facilities across the Country including KNH, MTRH among others.


The campus   facilitated the initiation of Bungoma MTC. The project was a dream child of immediate former Member of Parliament for Kanduyi constituency, the local community and Bungoma district hospital Management board. The institution was authorized to operate by the KMTC board of Management in March 2011 and started offering a Diploma in Community Health Nursing. Webuye campus, also managed Chwele KMTC. Currently it is managing the inception of Lugari KMTC.

Future projections

  • Initiate upgrading program from HRI certificate to diploma
  • Construction of additional classrooms to accommodate increasing student numbers
  • Construction of ultra-modern hostel in the acquired land at Webuye County Referral Hospital.
  • Expansion of library

Contact Information

KMTC Webuye Campus

P.O. Box 734-50205,


Tel: 020-2574902

Email: webuye@kmtc.ac.ke