Background Information

In 1987, Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Loitoktok Campus opened doors to a two-year certificate course in Medical Engineering for 18 students every two years. Due to the demand for the technicians, in 1996, the Campus started admitting 18 students annually. Since then the number of applicants has been increasing, reaching 50 students per year by 2016.

In September 2017, the Campus admitted a double class due to high demand for holders of Certificate in Medical Engineering. In 2018, an in-service program was started at the Campus to help certificate holders in Medical Engineering attain diplomas.

Programmes and Courses currently offered:

  1. Certificate in Medical Engineering.
  2. Certificate in Community Health Nursing.
  3. Upgrading in medical engineering
  4. Diploma in Medical Engineering.

Future plans

Plans are underway to launch Diploma in Community Health Nursing.


  • With a well-equipped library and computer laboratory networked with unlimited access to the internet for both students and staff, you will receive the best training from faculty members with knowledge and zeal to make your dreams come true.
  • In addition, the skills lab and workshops are equipped with life-like models and modern diagnostic machines that provide you with opportunities to freely master nursing and medical skills and diagnostic procedures before visiting clinical areas to deal with real patients.
  • The Campus has competent tutors, who are readily available for your special training needs. It also has a well-equipped library with the current recommended resource materials and committed staff.
  • The Campus has vehicles for taking students for educational tours and recreational activities.
  • The Campus has hostels with adequate water supply at affordable rates for students who wish to be accommodated within the campus.

Student Population

The current population is 502 students and the number still growing.

Clinical Experience Sites

Loitokitok Level 4 Hospital, which borders the Campus, is the primary clinical site where students practice in their first and second years of training. However, in the third year, students get attached to rural health facilities and other hospitals in the country for more exposure to diverse health complications. These include Isinya Health Centre in Kajiado, Kajiado County Referral Hospital, health demonstration units in Health Centre of Kimana, Sultan Hamud, Voi, Kibwezi among others.

Clubs, Societies and Sports

You will become a member of active clubs and a vibrant student representative council at the Campus, which represents students’ grievances to the administration. We also have vibrant religious groups to nourish your spiritual needs such as Christian Union (CU), Young Catholic Society (YCS), Seventh Day Adventist and Muslim group.

If you have an interest in sports, Loitokitok is the place to be. Be it in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, netball, darts, table tennis, chess, scrabble or badminton, we have made arrangements that will grow your body and mind. The Campus has been actively involved in sports and we have enough space in our compound to cater for these activities. Plans are underway to improve our training grounds, fields and other sports facilities.

Campus Contact Information:

 The Principal

KMTC Loitokitok Campus

P. O. BOX 101-00209


TEL: 0757880057/0735427438


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