Background Information

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Meru Campus is situated within Meru County, approximately 242 Kilometers from Nairobi City via Embu-Maua road. The Campus is situated one kilometer off Meru town adjacent to Meru County Teaching and Referral Hospital road.

The Campus was established in 1979 as a School of Nursing and was mandated to train Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing (pre-service certificate) course. In 1987, the need for expansion arose and another School of Medical Engineering was established to train technicians for maintenance of medical equipment. Initially the two schools operated independently and were drawing funds from the Ministry of Health.

Following the enactment of the Act of Parliament for KMTC, the two schools were merged in 1993 with the aim of cutting down the operational costs thus the formation of KMTC – Meru Campus.

In 1999, the Nursing department was upgraded to train Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) and the pre-service certificate course was phased- out. The department also admitted Enrolled Nurses (In-Service Certificate holders) to train and upgrade to diploma level.

In September 2006, Clinical Medicine and Surgery was introduced and in September 2008, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences was started.

Programmes and Courses currently offered: –

  • Certificate in Medical Engineering Technology (CMET)
  • Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN)
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  • Diploma in Medical laboratory sciences.

Future plans

We are looking forward to expand our infrastructure and introduce more market- oriented courses like:

  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Kenya Registered Nurse (Psychiatry)
  • Diploma Community Oral Health
  • Diploma in Medical Engineering (Upgrading)
  • Higher Diploma – Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetic (KRNA)
  • Critical Care
  • Certificate in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing

Clinical sites

  • Kanyakine Sub County Hospital
  • Nkubu Mission Hospital
  • Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • Kangeta Health Center
  • MBeu Health Center
  • Ruiri Health Center
  • Ruiri Mission Hospital
  • Nyambene Hospital
  • Maua Methodist Hospital

Facilities: –  

  • Library Service and computer lab

The institution has a library that is fully furnished with a wide-range of textbooks and other materials for references. A well-equipped computer lab supplements this with efficient internet connectivity that enables students and lecturers to access additional information in teaching and learning.

  • Transport

The Campus has a 51-seater bus and a double cabin that are always available to aid in the transportation of both students and staff.

  • Bio-Medical Engineering workshops

Practical skills being core in the development of competent health professionals, our students get these skills from their respective department’s workshops namely: electronics, mechanical, clinical, electrical and Hospital Systems at Meru Teaching & Referral Hospital.

  • Skills lab

Practical demonstrations and skills for Nursing and Clinical Medicine students is acquired from Campus skills lab and the Meru Teaching & Referral Hospital. Clinical experience centers for Rural and District experiences are selected carefully based on availability of training facilities, clinical instructors and at the students’ convenience.

  • Medical laboratory

Practical skills for medical laboratory students are acquired from the department’s laboratory and the Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital. Clinical experience centers for Rural and District experience are selected carefully based on availability of training facilities, clinical instructors and the students’ convenience.

  • Campus clinic

With the health of both students and staff being of great concern to us, the campus has a clinic that is strategically placed, manned by competent staff and stocked with drugs for treatment of minor ailments.

  • Classrooms and staff offices

Currently, the Campus has 11 classrooms each with students sitting capacity of about 50.  The College also intends to construct more classrooms, staff offices including ultra- modern library cum Information Resource Centre. There are 35 staff offices.

  • Students hostel

The Campus has modern hostel blocks for students.

  • Students’ population

Currently, the Campus has a student population of 824 students.

  • Clubs, Societies and Sports

Meru Campus participates in basketball in which ladies basketball team won the National Cup in 2014, Rugby 7’s and 14’s up to National level. For table tennis they participated in the national finals, netball, volleyball, football, badminton, handball and darts.

The Campus has the following registered clubs: Christian Union (CU), Muslim Association (MA), Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), and Young Christian Students (YCS).

Campus contact information: –

The Principal

KMTC Meru Campus

P.O. Box 1484-60200


Tel: 0726862400/064-3132537/0717777616


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