KMTC Lecturer authors 5 books to enhance learning

KMTC Lecturer authors 5 books to enhance learning

KMTC Manza Campus lecturer Mr. Salim Omambia has authored five books to aid students in their training.

The five books include Basics in computers (an introduction to ICT in healthcare); Fundamentals in Demography (a synopsis of population studies concerning health); Didactic Epidemiology (Diseases and their determinants); Health Statistics (Elementary biostatics), and Methods in Research — a book for all cadres in research.

While launching the books recently at the College Headquarters in Nairobi, the CEO, Prof. Michael Kiptoo, lauded the initiative, saying it will go a long way in promoting research as well as learning.

He singled out the book titled Methods in Research, noting that it is in tandem with KMTC’s expanded mandate of training and research.

Prof. Kiptoo encouraged other lecturers to follow suit, emphasizing that such initiatives give the College a competitive edge as a health care training institution.

The Registrar, Dr. Lucy Waweru, noted that such publications would be of great help in the course of training, not only for KMTC students but also for other students in the institutions of higher learning.

A researcher, epidemiologist, and health information consultant, Mr. Omambia is a seasoned lecturer and a peer reviewer with the World Health Organization.

The medical lecturer observes that anyone who has written some dissertation/thesis already has the writing skills necessary to author a book.

He encouraged KMTC staff to take up the challenge of publishing books.

The books are currently available in the Kenya National Libraries, while eBooks can be accessed via amazon, kindle eBooks, lulu, and Apple iBooks.

Mr. Omambia assured that plans are underway to have the books on the shelves of the Nairobi Campus resource center.