Functions of the Chairperson of the KMTC Board of Directors

(a) Provide overall leadership to the Board.

(b) Play a key role in setting the agenda for Board meetings.

(c) Conduct efficient Board meetings and guide the Board’s decision-making process.

(d) Encourage Board Directors to participate fully in Board deliberations.

(e) Harness the collective skills of the Board and its committees.

(f) Lead the annual Board Evaluation Process.

(g) Monitor the performance of the CEO and lead in the evaluation of their performance.

(h) Maintain close, but independent, working relationship with the CEO.

(i) Ensure appropriate balance of power between the CEO and the Board.

(j) Be available for consultations with Board members and the CEO.

(k) Ensure that there is a formal succession plan for Board Directors.

(l) Ensure new Board Directors are inducted in accordance with the agreed induction programme.

(m) Encourage Board Directors to develop their skills and competencies.

(n) Promote a positive image of the organization.

(o) Encourage a culture of transparency and teamwork among Board Directors.

(p) Act as an informal link between the Board and stakeholders.

(q) Provide quarterly updates on governance matters and any issues thereof to the responsible Cabinet Secretary and State Corporations Advisory Committee (SCAC).

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