1. About

The Research Office is established in the Academic Department and operates under the office of a Registrar who assists the Deputy Director in charge of Academics (DDA) to manage this area.

Strategic objectives

KMTC aims to enhance institutional research capacity through the following strategies:

  • Building capacity of staff to carry out research
  • Disseminating research findings to stakeholders
  • Mobilizing resources for research
  • Establishing Research and Scientific Committees in all campuses
  • Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for research activities


Research Policy

KMTC has a Research Policy that guides its research activities and ensures that the College upholds the highest ethical standards in a research community that is committed the principals of integrity, trust, justice and collegiality. The Policy has encouraged and empowered staff and students to conduct, disseminate and report results effectively through the creation of an enabling environment and the development of a research culture. KMTC has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to operationalize the Research Policy. The Research Policy can be accessed here.

Science, Innovation and Technology Strategy

KMTC aligns its research priorities to the national strategies for Science, Innovation and Technology (STI), geared towards realization of the country’s long-term development goals. More information on this can be found here


The College allocates funds for research activities every financial year to fund research studies, attend symposia, workshops, seminars and conferences both nationally and internationally. It encourages studies that stimulate new innovative approaches and ideas that contribute to KMTC’s strategic priorities and general public health concerns in areas such as, training, student welfare, healthcare access, health finance and other emerging issues. The College also provides training opportunities to staff in all areas of research; proposal writing, publishing, review and evaluation of research documents and assessment.

Research Programs

The College has established internal research program which is funded internally. This program involves various research activities which include conferences, symposia, and research studies. The principal areas of focus for the College research programs are listed as follows.

  1. Training
  2. Student Welfare
  • COVID 19
  1. Health Care Access
  2. Public Health
  3. Health Financing
  • Human Resource for Health
  • Universal Health Coverage

Besides, internal funding, KMTC actively applies for external research funding to complement internal funding.

Approved research studies (2020/2021)

No Author (s) Study Year
1 Mutua C., Njagi, P, N., Mutinda, S. Patterns and Practices of Self-medication during COVID-19 Pandemic in Urban Settings in Kenya 2020/2021
2 Francis Muoki Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness among Students in Kenya Medical Training College:  A Case of Mwingi Campus, Kitui County 2020/2021
3 Evelyn Njeru Trends of Antenatal Care Service Utilization and Its Influence on Maternal Health Outcomes 2020/2021
4 Purity Mwari Silas and Samuel Ndukanio Factors Influencing Examination Malpractices among Students in Kenya Medical Training College: A Case of Selected KMTC 2020/2021
5 Muchiri, F Impact of Covid – 19 Pandemic Prevention Measurers on Incidence of Fecal-Oral route Infections among Children Under Five in Nyamache Sub- County, Kisii County 2020/2021
5 Ogendo, M. Knowledge, Perception and Practices on Use of Face Masks in Prevention of Covid-19 in Mombasa County, Kenya 2020/2021
6 Ashivira, B.C. Baseline Survey on Gender Based Violence at Kenya Medical Training College Campuses 2020/2021
7 Daniel Kimwetich, D.K & Musango, P.C Determinants of Utilization of Information and Communication Technology in the Management of Internal Processes in Kenya Medical Training Colleges 2020/2021
8 Lumumba, T. Disaster Preparedness among Staff and Students in Kenya Medical Training College Mwingi Campus, Kitui County 2020/2021
9 Gatigua, S. Characterization of Bed bugs causing Infestation at Kenya Medical Training College 2020/2021
10 Oluoch, K. & Muthuka J.K. Challenges of Hand Washing as a Covid-19 prevention Measure among Urban Slum Population in Nairobi Kenya 2020/2021


Scientific Conference and Symposia

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) has established a bi-ennial Scientific Conference geared towards enhancing collaboration and exchanging ideas. KMTC conference brings together scientists from different fields of specialization to learn about recent developments, present new data and critically discuss advances in the scientific world. KMTC attaches great importance to the Conference, as it is a culmination of one of its core mandates. It envisages bringing together experts/senior scientists, policy makers and young scientists to deliberate on topical issues affecting health delivery in Kenya.

The College also holds symposia every year aimed at addressing emerging issues in the healthcare sector.


The KMTC Research Webinar Series is a monthly online interactive event that aims at improving research skills among KMTC faculty and the public. The series began in January 2021 and so far, 11 online webinars on various research topics have been held. The organizers of the series have been keen to invite various experienced professional from different organizations to share their experiences in various aspects of research. The series has attracted a loyal following of faculty members who find it valuable to their work and development. For more information on the webinars, please email elearning@kmtc.ac.ke.


KMTC has established the International Journal of Health Professions (IJHP): Health through research education and research. The journal provides an avenue for sharing research findings, innovations, recent developments and future research prospects. Below is a list of journals: –

Issue Volume Month Year
1 1 December 2013
1 2 December 2014
1 3 June 2018



  • KMTC E-learning Symposium

Theme: eLearning: the current and the future

To enhance teaching and learning in the digital era.

9th December 2021

  • East African Scientific Conference

Theme: East African Community Sustainable Development Goal on Health: Reflection and Path Ahead to 2030.

17th – 19th November, 2021

  • Kenya Nutritionist and Dieticians Institute

Theme: Nutrition as a Key Pillar in Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

KMTC eLearning Symposium

17th – 19th November, 2021

  • The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) 6th biennial Scientific Conference

Was held from 4th – 6th June 2021

Theme: Optimizing Training and Research towards Attainment of Universal Health Coverage’

Sub themes: Family Medicine / Public Health / Health Professionals Education / Non-Communicable Diseases / Habilitation and Rehabilitation / Nutrition and Health