Catering department is responsible for welfare of KMTC students and staff as it involves providing meals to students, staff and other clients requiring catering services from KMTC. It has a social responsibility of developing a menu that will help to build a strong, healthy population.

What we guarantee you:

  • Quality food
  • Prompt and courteous service.
  • Well balanced and varied menus.
  • Reasonable prices affordable to you
  • High standard of cleanliness and sanitation.


  1. The menu is simple properly cooked and palatable.
  2. We have adopted a cycle menu with variety to keep up the appeal of the menu.
  3. We have also considered the nutritional value in our menu


Special Catering: KMTC Catering services caters for the college functions, such as

  • KMTC graduation ceremony
  •  Scientific conference
  • Students annual luncheon
  • KMTC Open day
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Staff parties e.t.c

Why KMTC catering services is the best option for students;


At its most basic level, catering is all about food. No matter how nice and spacious the dining hall is customers will not return if the food is awful. The catering staffs at KMTC are well trained and experienced to make proper recipes, plan menus, and safely prepare healthy meals for students giving excellent service during meal times.

Food safety

The catering department staffs are aware and comply with the food safety laws. Food handlers medical Examination is carried out every 6 months for all staff in the department and certificates are issued.

Customer Service

The catering staff at KMTC handles customers while being courteous, tactful, and diplomatic. We ensure good communication and people skills to build up a client repertoire leading to successful catering services.

Business Management

More than just cooking, our catering service tries to break even despite the fact that our prices are heavily subsidized. We handled administrative tasks in dealing with pricing, managing employees, ordering food, and organizing schedules and budgets.

Attention to detail

The KMTC catering services we deal with some décor, table arrangements and food presentation. Setting up, running and clearing the dining room .We try to impress all our guests while catering for the workshops and all college events.