In line with our motto, Training for Better Health, KMTC engages in sports involving all its Campuses.

We hold an annual edition of Sports Championships on rotational basis between July and August, every year, bringing together all the KMTC Campuses from across Kenya, with more than 2,000 students participating.

Teams from four regions meet at the finals, each presenting winning teams for competitions in both ball games and athletics.

Levels of competition
Sports at KMTC are conducted at four levels: College level, zonal, regional and final. At the first level, each of the Campuses selects its team, before proceeding to compete at the zonal level. The Campuses, which are categorized into eight zones, then play to raise points in a league approach at the regional level. Winners at the regions then meet at the finals to determine the National Champions.


Indoor and outdoor games
During the competitions, various indoor and outdoor games, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, handball and netball as well as draught, table tennis and darts attract competitions. Students also compete in all athletics’ disciplines – from track to field events – on the first day of the finals.


Sports facilities and equipment
The College is endowed with a wide variety of sports facilities and equipment necessary for indoor and outdoor sporting activities. Pitches and courts are available for appropriate ball games. A state-of-the-art gymnasium is available at Nairobi Campus.