Welcome to the KMTC Website!

If your passion revolves around safeguarding the health of others and you are in search of an institution that empowers you to enhance people’s lives, KMTC stands as the ideal Launchpad for your medical career.

As a 100 percent Government-owned College, KMTC is generously endowed with resources and strategically located next to health facilities, providing our students unparalleled clinical training opportunities. Our approach is hands-on, emphasizing 70 percent practical experience and 30 percent theory. Additionally, our students actively serve in over 450 hospitals and health centers, showcasing their skills and unwavering dedication.

The growing interest demonstrated by both Kenyan and international students in training with us mirrors the trust bestowed on KMTC. In hospitals and healthcare facilities across Kenya and beyond, you will find KMTC graduates and trainees. Remarkably, over 85 percent of the country’s mid-level healthcare workers are trained at our esteemed College.

Since our humble beginnings with one course in 1927, we have rapidly expanded, now offering 95 courses spanning 18 departments. KMTC’s impact on healthcare provision in Kenya resonates globally, underlining our commitment to excellence and innovation.

At KMTC, we provide our students with limitless opportunities to build a strong foundation in essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. Armed with well-rounded competencies, a results-oriented mindset, and a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare, our students seamlessly adapt to diverse work environments worldwide.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, KMTC is actively fostering robust partnerships with local and international collaborators. These collaborations bolster our resources, ensuring our training stays abreast of current changes and effectively addresses society’s growing health demands and challenges.

As you explore this website, you will gain insight into why KMTC is esteemed as the “GOLD STANDARD” in Africa—a benchmark against which others are evaluated.

To our prospective students, we extend an earnest invitation to play a pivotal role in not only maintaining but also surpassing these high standards upon joining the College. Your journey towards an enriching and impactful medical career starts here.


Dr. Kelly Oluoch

Chief Executive Officer