College hosts University of British Columbia Professors and students

College hosts University of British Columbia Professors and students

The Kenya Medical Training College has set the stage for strengthening mental health and Psychiatry among its students by hosting a training programme facilitated by the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The two-day programme that kicked off on Wednesday (May 4, 2022) saw students of the Nairobi Campus and their lecturers undergo rigorous training on mental wellness and psychiatry.

An Assistant Professor at the UBC School of Social Work and KMTC alumni, Professor Mohamed Ibrahim, facilitated the sessions.

He stated that there is a pressing need to publicize mental health in the Sub-Saharan African region, noting that just 1% of African healthcare prioritizes mental health.

“The more people learn, the fewer medical conditions associated with mental health,” he argued.

Professor Ibrahim outlined the worldwide mental health burden, highlighted mental health inadequacies, and emphasized Kenya’s achievements.

The team later discussed collaboration between the UBC and KMTC in research, curriculum revisions, and a joint short-courses programme.

Ag. CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch while addressing the UBC team in his office, noted that the College remains committed to broadening its partnership with like-minded institutions like UBS to strengthen teaching and learning.

“Since mental health remains a big issue of concern across the country, it will be important to incorporate it within our healthcare education,” he said.

Other facilitators included the Director of the UBC’s Office of Regional and International Community Engagement, Tamara Baldwin.