KMTC Higher National Diplomas Equated to University Bachelor’s Degrees

KMTC Higher National Diplomas Equated to University Bachelor’s Degrees

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) on October 28 2022 received a certificate of registration and accreditation from the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) following a successful evaluation and subsequent endorsement as a Qualification Awarding Institution (QAI).

Following the accreditation, the College’s Higher National Diploma Qualifications now fall in the KNQA level 7 which makes them equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) III, Certified Public Secretary (CPS) or Master Craft Person I.

Presenting the Certificate, KNQA Ag. Council Chair CPA Rosemary Njogu lauded the College for the integral role it continues to play in Kenya’s health sector.

“We acknowledge and appreciate the impact that KMTC has had in safeguarding the health of millions of Kenyans and beyond our border,” she said. “Keeping in mind that the College’s courses are designed to build critical medical skills while incorporating the effective use of modern technology, the accreditation as a QAI will bear significance in Kenya’s medical field and the African Health Sector by extension, she added”.

KMTC Board Chairperson Amb. Zachary Muburi-Muita, in a speech read on his behalf by KMTC Board Director and Chair of the Academics, Standards and Ethics Committee Dr. Naomi Mutea,

observed that “The decision to register qualifications and learners with KNQA builds confidence in our programmes and has, therefore, opened new opportunities to attract as well as enroll more foreign students while positioning KMTC as the premiere Middle-Level Medical Training College in Kenya and beyond.”

He added “It gives me pleasure to note that now our graduates are linked to training and career opportunities globally since their qualifications are aligned and verifiable to potential employers

as well as higher education institutions.”

A total of 42 KMTC qualifications which were fully aligned to KNQF requirements for accreditation have been registered onto the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF) portal. A team of technical officers from both KNQA and KMTC are currently working towards ensuring the remaining qualifications are registered before the end of the year.

KMTC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kelly Oluoch said the College will continue to enhance its processes to ensure the quality of graduates KMTC releases into the market meet the expectations of employers as well as those they serve.

“This accreditation provides an assurance that our programmes are recognized worldwide and in return their comparability with qualifications of institutions of higher learning enhances employability of our graduates,” Dr. Oluoch added.

Towards ensuring the quality of the College’s processes, Dr. Oluoch said KMTC would continue to develop and implement sound strategies as well as leverage on technology. In addition, KMTC will continue to innovate to enhance excellence in its training programmes.

On his part, KNQA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Juma Mukhwana noted that to remain competitive in a dynamic world, the College would need to continually focus on enhancing accessibility of its training programmes. This he said can be achieved by strengthening quality to meet international standards and relevant applicability of skills in the labour market.

KMTC Deputy Director Academics Dr. Nyawira Mwangi said the College currently offers 93 courses, developed in line with local and international health training needs as well as market forces.

The College has so far registered 57,268 graduates, who completed their training between 2016 and 2021, with KNQA. A further 16,000 students set to graduate on December 1st 2022 are earmarked for registration.

The event was attended by among others Education and Quality Assurance Council (ESQAC) chair, Dr. Chris Galgalo