KMTC Undertakes Customer Service Training to Transform Client Experience

KMTC Undertakes Customer Service Training to Transform Client Experience

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) has undertaken customer service training for its staff across the country from the Finance and Housekeeping units.

“This visionary move aims to revolutionize the College’s service delivery and raise the bar for customer satisfaction,” CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch highlighted when he officially opened the training workshop at KMTC Mombasa on April 25th, 2023.

“With a resolute commitment to providing top-notch services, KMTC recognizes the pivotal role of exceptional customer service in today’s competitive landscape,” Dr. Oluoch said.

“We are a customer-centric institution, and it is imperative that we provide nothing short of excellence. This training will empower our staff to serve our clients with unrivaled efficiency and professionalism,” he added.

 This training is geared towards transforming the customer service landscape in all KMTC Campuses across the country. The comprehensive training program will equip finance and housekeeping unit staff with invaluable skills, ranging from effective communication techniques to empathetic problem-solving strategies. With these tools in hand, they are poised to provide nothing short of extraordinary service and solutions to their esteemed clients.

KMTC’s commitment to exceptional customer service shines brightly through this forward-thinking endeavor. As the finance and housekeeping department staff undergo this transformative training, KMTC’s reputation as a leading institution is set to soar even higher, cementing its position as a model of excellence in customer-centricity.

The CEO was accompanied by the Finance Manager Mr. Elijah Mititi, Corporate Communications Manager Ms. Marcellah Onsomu, and Deputy Administrative Manager Mrs. Ruth Muchui, among other staff.