1.     Faculty of Clinical Sciences 1.     Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Diploma and Higher Diploma)
2.    Faculty of Diagnostic Sciences 2.    Community Oral Health (Diploma)
3.    Faculty of Information Technology 3.    Dental Technology (Diploma)
4.    Faculty of Nursing 4.    Environmental Health Sciences (Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma)
5.    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 5.    Health Promotion and Community Health (Diploma and Higher Diploma)
6.    Faculty of Public Health 6.    Health Records and Information (Certificate and Diploma)
7.    Faculty of Rehabilitative Sciences 7.    Medical Education (Higher Diploma)
8.    Medical Engineering (Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma)
LIST OF DEPARTMENTS AND FACULTIES 9.    Medical Imaging Sciences (Diploma and Higher Diploma)
1.    FACULTY OF CLINICAL SCIENCES 10.  Medical Laboratory Sciences (Diploma and Higher Diploma)
                     i.        Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery 11.   Nursing (Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma)
                    ii.        Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine 12.  Nutrition and Dietetics (Certificate and Diploma)
13.  Occupational Therapy (Diploma)
2.   FACULTY OF DIAGNOSTIC SCIENCES 14.  Optometry (Diploma)
                     i.        Department of Medical laboratory Sciences 15.  Orthopaedic Technology (Diploma)
                    ii.        Department of Medical Imaging Sciences 16.  Orthopaedic Trauma and Medicine (Certificate)
17.  Pharmacy (Diploma)
3.   FACULTY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 18.  Physiotherapy (Diploma)
                     i.        Department of Medical Education
                    ii.        Department of Health Records and Information
4.   FACULTY OF NURSING 1.     HIV Training and Counseling Services (HTS)
                     i.        Department of Nursing 2.    Adherence Counseling
3.    Echocardiography
5.   FACULTY OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 4.    Monitoring & Evaluation
                     i.        Department of Pharmacy 5.    Healthcare Entrepreneurship
6.    Safe Phlebotomy
6.   FACULTY OF PUBLIC HEALTH 7.    Infection Prevention
                     i.        Department of Community Oral Health 8.    First Aid and Basic Life Support
                    ii.        Department of Environmental Health Sciences 9.    Sign Language for Health workers
                   iii.        Department of Nutrition and Dietetics 10.  Community Health and Development
                   iv.        Department of Health Promotion and Community Health 11.   Medical Engineering (Basic electronics)
12.  Medical Engineering (Basic electrical wiring)
7.   FACULTY OF REHABILITATIVE SCIENCES 13.  Medical Engineering (Refrigeration, air conditioning and cold room)
                     i.        Department of Dental Technology 14.  Medical Engineering (Wielding and fabrication)
                    ii.        Department of Occupational therapy 15.  Medical Engineering (Plumbing)
                   iii.        Department of Orthopaedic technology 16.  Food Hygiene and Inspection
                   iv.        Department of Optometry 17.  Counseling skills for Healthcare Professionals
                    v.        Department of Physiotherapy 18.  Nutrition in Critical care
                   vi.        Department of Medical engineering 19.   Computer packages (basic)
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