Kwale Campus

Brief history


KMTC Kwale Campus was formely known as Matuga Medical Training College. It was established in 1977 as a result of identified need to train Public Health Officers (PHOs).

In 1985 the then Principal Matuga Training Centre was informed by the Ministry to look for a plot to construct Medical training centre which was to be funded by the Government.  The Principal forwarded the idea of looking for a plot to the District Development Committee. In 1998 the college was allocated a plot measuring 13.5 acres through the District Development Plot Allocation Committee.


In 1999 Kenya Medical Training College was granted an autonomous status by the Government which made the Ministry of Health shelve the initial idea of construction of the Matuga Training Centre as initially agreed with the Principal.


In the same year the Principal sold the idea of the plot to the then the Director Kenya Medical Training College who advised him to mobilize the community to take over the project of construction while Kenya Medical Training College was to provide staff, students and other learning equipment and materials.


In the year 2000, Matuga Medical Training College staff mobilized the local leaders who under the leadership of the area Member of Parliament came up with a committee known as the Kwale Medical Training College-Building Project Committee to work out modalities of developing the project.

The Chair was and is to-date Al-Hajj Kassim Zani, The Principal was and is to-date the Secretary and the area Member of Parliament being the Patron of the committee. Members come from almost all the former districts in Coast Province.

Kenya Medical Training College – Kwale Campus project has largely been a community initiative and effort.  This has since been realized through harambees and other donations in kind from well wishers.

Towards the end of the year 2011 The Kenya Medical Training College – Kwale Campus Project Committee put a request to the Director Kenya Medical Training College for the campus to start admitting students.

Early 2012 the Head of Department (Nairobi)-department of Environmental Health  and his team visited the campus for inspections and advised the Director on its viability to start admitting the students.  In the same year the Director through the advice of the Head of Department (Nairobi)-department of Environmental Health and his team approved the request and the first batch of 41 diploma students in Environmental Health Sciences was admitted in September. By that time it was still under KMTC-Msambweni Campus.

In January 2014 the entire department of Environmental Health Sciences was moved from Msambweni Campus to Kwale Campus.

In the year 2015, KMTC-Kwale Campus gained autonomous status and delinked from KMTC-Msambweni Campus.

Courses offered


Currently the campus has only two (2) Departments

  1. Environmental Health Sciences Department which h offers:
  • Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences
  • Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
  1. Nutrition department which offers:
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics



  1. Lecture halls
  2. Library
  3. Female hostel

Contact Information

K M T C-Kwale Campus

P.O. Box 324-80403


Email:           Kwale@kmtc.acke