College to mount New Physiotherapy Specializations

College to mount New Physiotherapy Specializations

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) has announced the mounting of two new specialties in Physiotherapy to meet evolving market needs.

The Higher National Diplomas in Cardiopulmonary and Pediatrics will be offered, beginning the March 2023 intake.

Cardiopulmonary entails physiotherapy treatment for patients affected by heart and lung diseases, while pediatrics neuro-rehabilitation deals with neurological and musculoskeletal diseases affecting children.

The programmes are designed specifically for practising Physiotherapists who already hold basic training in Physiotherapy-related fields, and will allow them to upgrade their skills to tackle challenging assignments in the profession.

During a meeting, today (September 27, 2022) at the KMTC Headquarters, with Dr. Richard

Jackson and Ms. Ann Jackson, of the Jackson Clinics USA, CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch assured that the College has invested heavily in infrastructure, curriculum development, and global training resources to effectively blend teaching, learning, and administration of its training programmes.

“We receive numerous requests from the working class, locally and internationally, who are desiring to upgrade their skills but need to work full-time. We require more specialized training to meet the current demand in our hospitals,” he said.

“This training which takes 18 months is coming in handy to provide additional skills needed in our health facilities.”

The two courses will be offered in a hybrid mode, where trainees will attend online classes, after which they will be required to attend a face-to-face, one-week practical lab session and another week for mentorship and skills check.

The Jacksons have been in a long-running partnership with the College since 2012, and have been instrumental in advancing the training of Physiotherapists in the country.

Dr. Jackson stated that the world is now a global village and as such the partnership with KMTC will continue providing students with world-class education standards to propel them to the international job market.

“We will continue supporting the College to mount more specialized courses, as this is the direction the world is taking in the practice of physiotherapy,” Dr. Jackson said. The new courses are in addition to three Higher National Diploma courses being offered by the College including Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Neurorehabilitation, and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. The College also offers a post-basic Diploma course in Physiotherapy.