KMTC records highest customer satisfaction, a new report

KMTC records highest customer satisfaction, a new report

Customer satisfaction levels at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) remain high, according to a survey.

The overall customer satisfaction rate has risen by 1.4%, reaching an impressive 83.3%, marking one of the highest scores in the College’s history.

CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch attributes this positive trend to ongoing improvements in services, including the enhanced provision of utilities to facilitate learning and upgraded customer service.

“This year’s increase in customer satisfaction is primarily attributed to an improved customer experience, addressing factors such as the quality and promptness of services,” he noted.

Dr. Oluoch highlighted the importance of meeting customer expectations, and focusing on delivering quality services promptly and with courtesy.

He revealed that the College will continue to allocate resources towards training staff to instill a customer care culture.

The study surveyed nearly 6, 500 clients who utilized College services from October to November 2023.

Dr. Oluoch acknowledged that social media comments largely expressed appreciation and commendation for the College, though some concerns about service quality were noted.

The service turnaround time saw improvement, reducing to 15 minutes from the previous 16 minutes, with only 26 instances exceeding this benchmark.

Highlighting the effectiveness of service delivery units in resolving customer complaints, Dr. Oluoch underscored the importance of this customer satisfaction survey.

Conducted in the first half of the 2023-2024 financial year, the survey is instrumental in evaluating services, identifying areas for improvement, and suggesting mitigation measures to meet client expectations.

This initiative aligns with the KMTC Strategic Plan 2023-2028 and complies with Performance Contract (PC) and Quality Management System (QMS) requirements.

The findings are crucial for enhancing the overall quality of service at KMTC.