Relief for Kitui Residents as KMTC Organizes Complimentary Eye Check-up and Cataract Surgery Camp

Relief for Kitui Residents as KMTC Organizes Complimentary Eye Check-up and Cataract Surgery Camp

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), in partnership with the Kenya Society for the Blind, Centres for Health and Education Programmes (CHEPs), as well as VisionSpring, held a transformative four-day free eye check-up and cataract surgery camp at Mutomo Level 4 Hospital in Kitui County.

The camp, which took place from August 16th to 19th, 2023, aimed to provide essential eye care services to restore eyesight for residents struggling with visual impairment.

Over the span of the four days, the hospital witnessed a steady stream of hopeful residents seeking help, many of whom had dreams overshadowed by cataracts and impaired vision. A total of 516 patients, each carrying unique stories and a shared aspiration to regain their eyesight, were attended to with 161 of them undergoing cataract surgery.

For seven individuals, the camp marked the beginning of ongoing care, as they were referred for further medical attention.

Mr. Crispus Mutinda, a respected religious leader in the community and one of the beneficiaries of the camp was among those who underwent cataract surgery. His joy was palpable as he expressed his gratitude, stating, “The ability to read my Bible for sermons is a gift beyond words. KMTC and its partners have not just restored my sight, but also my purpose. I am humbled and thankful beyond measure.”

Nairobi Campus Deputy Principal, Academic, representing the Chairperson of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee Mrs. Felistus Muinde expressed her joy at the impact the camp had brought to the residents of Mutomo and its environs.  “Witnessing the happiness and renewed hope in the eyes of the residents is a true testament to the impact of our CSR activities,” she said, adding, “This endeavor goes beyond medical procedures. It is about restoring the fabric of our community.”

In addition to the ophthalmology services, the camp incorporated health education sessions that imparted knowledge about proper eye care, enabling participants to maintain and protect their newfound clarity of vision.

As the camp concluded, the hospital grounds were filled with stories of transformation and gratitude. The collaborative efforts of KMTC, the Kenya Society for the Blind, CHEPs, and VisionSpring not only provided medical care but also wove a narrative of restored sight, rekindled aspirations, and a stronger sense of community.