A big boost for learning as KMTC receives Kshs 5 million modern Ultrasound Machine

A big boost for learning as KMTC receives Kshs 5 million modern Ultrasound Machine

In a significant development for medical training in Kenya, KMTC on June 13, 2023, received a cutting-edge Ultrasound Machine, worth over Kshs 5 million from Omaera Company.

This addition is expected to significantly revolutionize learning experiences through the integration of this state-of-the-art training equipment while the collaboration also marked the launch of the KMTC Mindray Ultrasound School.

KMTC CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch, while receiving the equipment, expressed deep appreciation for the partnership and emphasized its alignment with the College’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan key result area on Quality Training. He reaffirmed the College’s commitment to forming such partnerships to ensure the production of highly skilled individuals who can meet both local and international market demands.

“With these kinds of partnerships, the College is determined to give the best skills training to you because we hold you at heart. I urge you to take advantage of the equipment to achieve your learning goals of excellence,” stated Dr. Oluoch, encouraging the students.

He further requested Omaera Company to consider extending its support to the other eight campuses offering the Radiography and Imaging course.

By providing standardized training equipment across all Campuses, KMTC aims to ensure consistency and excellence in medical education.

Expressing joy at the collaboration, Mindray General Manager for East African Region Mr. Essien Kimani, highlighted the company’s experience in distributing pharmaceutical products and establishing ultrasound schools in various African countries. He reiterated his Company’s commitment to honoring the memorandum of understanding with KMTC and expressed enthusiasm about future cooperation between the two entities.

This partnership between KMTC and Omaera Company marks a significant step forward in advancing healthcare education in Kenya, equipping future healthcare professionals with the latest tools and technologies.

The collaboration’s dedication to excellence and standardized training ensures that students receive the highest quality education, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare outcomes in the country.