College Holds First Virtual Academic Council, Plans to Scale up E-learning

College Holds First Virtual Academic Council, Plans to Scale up E-learning

The College held its first virtual quarterly Academic Council meeting on Thursday 28th May, 2020 bringing together Principals from the 71 Campuses, Heads of Departments and Senior Managers from the KMTC Headquarters.
The meeting’s main agenda was to discuss progress on scaling up the College’s E-learning platform.

“We must ensure KMTC remains competitive in the market and give our students an edge by ensuring we take advantage of technology,” CEO Prof. Michael Kiptoo said while addressing the meeting.

Prof. Kiptoo said embracing E-learning will ensure studies are not interrupted even during the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the whole world. He encouraged Campus Principals and Heads of Departments to come up with a way forward to enhance teaching and learning, to ensure that students continue with their studies as scheduled.

The CEO commended the Principals for their close collaboration with respective County Governments and National Government Constituency Development Fund(s), which has enabled the College record growth in its asset base. He urged them to keep pursuing the partnerships as this would help the KMTC develop even further as it carries out its mandate for the benefit of all Kenyans.

He said discussions were at an advanced stage with the National Treasury for the implementation of the next phase of re-categorization including allowances. This, he said, is in recognition of their sacrifice and commitment in the execution of duties.

He affirmed that Management will continue implementing reforms and policies as directed by the Board of Directors, to enhance staff well-being and ensure students have a conducive environment for their studies.  

Additionally, the CEO asked Principals to prudently utilize resources allocated to them to ensure the public receive efficient and effective services, and for continuity of key operations in the College during this period.

Deputy Director (Academics) Mrs. Nancy Michire said for College to ensure continuity in learning during this period and even in the future, lecturers and students have been equipped with more knowledge and skills on the E-learning platform. Corporation Secretary CS Dr. Miriam Muthoka called upon all to enforce the provisions of the approved College policies to strengthen internal processes and procedures in a bid to enhance compliance and governance as well as be in line with emerging government reforms.

On the other hand, Deputy Director (Finance, Planning and Administration) Dr. Kelly Oluoch said College has put in place quality management systems in addition to investing in its staff to enhance adherence to standard operating procedures and quality of teaching and training.

As is the norm, Principals, heads of academic and support departments reported progress made on matters of academic affairs and specifically continuity of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the coming weeks, the College will be scaling up its E-learning platform to ensure students continue with their studies without interruptions. Further to this, students are expected to continue with their research, which will be supervised online. Furthermore, Principals will be expected to provide information on the current status of teaching and learning especially for the third years to gauge their preparedness to sit for their Final Qualifying Exams.